Dashbon Flicks 140


Dashbon Flicks 140

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 DLP Technology provides sharp and rich image quality
 Up to 700 lumens of brightness
 HD (1280 x 720p) pixel resolution in 16:9 ratio
 Picture size up to 120ʺ (300 cm) diagonal
 Modern RGB LED with a working lifetime up to 20.000 hours
 Vertical keystone correction
 Embedded rechargeable battery for up to 4 hours movie playback
 Bluetooth 4.0 for easy audio playback via Smartphone, Tablet, etc.
 3‐ways stereo speakers with subwoofer for excellent sound
 Well‐balanced amplifier for best audio quality
 HDMI input to connect Media‐, BluRay‐, or TV Player                                      Power bank feature to charge your smartphone


Flicks is a mobile party powerhouse bringing video and music to any
environment. The LED HD projector projects ultra‐bright and sharp pictures
from a HDMI source. The DLP chip in use, known from large cinema
projectors, provides rich colors and high contrasts. With an embedded
rechargeable battery, Flicks is free from any power source for real mobile
presentations and movie nights. The 3‐ways speakers with subwoofer are
well balanced and powerful enough for your party. Enjoy movies with Flicks
wherever you are, free from cables and power source.

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