Pico Projector AN100


Pico Projector AN100

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  • AN100 is not just a projector but also a stand-alone mobile computer.                                                                    Due to a friendly user interface and Wi-Fi connectivity, users can navigate from thecloud and share digital contents anywhere, anytime.
  •  Full Internet Access incl. Web-browsing, Video Playback and Game Playing
  •  Android OS Inside; Ample Free APPs Supported
  •  Friendly UI to Navigate and Operate
  •  Screen Mirroring Projection for iOS/Android Smartphones via Built-in Apps
  •  Full HD Video Playback at 100 Lumens Brightness, Native Resolution@854 x 480 Pixels
  •  Project 100” Display at 2.7 Meters Distance
  •  Adoption of DLP Technology; Enjoy Cinema Quality Projection
  • Ultimate Mobility - Only 225 Grams of Weight
  •  Powered by Battery for 100 Min. Projection
  • Power Bank Function to Charge Mobile Devices
  •  Supporting Front, Rear and Ceiling Projection
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